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Does sleeping with a bra on keep your boobs from sagging?

November 7th, 2012 2 Comments

This is a question that had no importance in yesterday’s election, but still needs an answer!  A few more you:

Does plucking your gray hairs cause more to grow in?

Does tapping underneath your chin help keep your chin from sagging?

Will an egg white facial keep you from getting wrinkles?


You know how much I love the Dr. Oz show.  He “debunked” these anti-aging myths the other day, giving explanations for each.  The most impressive was the argument not to pluck gray hairs.  You either end up with no hair at all in that follicle or a traumatized follicle that produces gray hair growing in the wrong direction, which makes it more noticeable.

But the problem that stayed with me was the question about saggy boobs.  Understandably, right?!

I went to Dr.Oz’ site and saw that Dr. Stuart Linder, who he has on the show frequently, disagrees with him about the bra thing. Dr. Linder is the creator of the LinderBra that is used as a maternity, post-surgery, exercise, and sleep bra.  So we could say that he’s just trying to sell his product.  However, I know several other doctors who agree with him.  With a little more searching, I found the Kush which rests in between your boobs while you sleep to prevent “cleavage wrinkles.”

This morning I saw the trailer for “This is 40” in which the female lead sees a hot girl take off her shirt and she asks in shock as she stares at her perfect rack, “Are those real?”  The girl responds, “yes, I’m just young. Her reaction says it all! I laughed, but in a decade I might not find that so funny!

So what to do….I hate wearing bras in general.  The only ones I wear on a daily basis are sports bras for exercising.  I’m all about natural prevention, but I don’t want to wear a bra to bed.  I don’t want saggy boobs or wrinkle cleavage either….

What do you think.  Honestly….


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  • Linda

    Some of the problem is in the size of the boob. If they are big enough to cause your back to hurt, then they are gonna sag, wrinkle, tangle up in your legs and cause you to trip and break a hip. Also, if you have children, you will have issues with your boobs in later life, even if you don’t breast feed your babies. Wearing a good quality, well fitting bra at all times (except at night) is the best way to preserve your breast tissue, But gravity will take it’s toll in the long run.