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In which my dying-fashionista heart breaks

November 19th, 2012 2 Comments

After an exhausting weekend, I made a once-unthinkable decision: to wear sneakers….WITH rolled up trousers to top of my embarrassingly frumpy outfit, my naked face, and wet hair.


Uh no, I was not going to show you the whole outfit! I suppose if I was still living in LA I might be mistaken for “famous,” but in Buckhead I just look like a defeated mommy.

Anyway, I pulled up to my friend Susan’s house to sneak a drop off of cookies I had just baked when I was busted by her kids. Susan has a become a close friend, so I knew she wouldn’t judge my appearance when I walked in.

What she did was worse!!!!

After a quick hello how-ya-doing, she said, “Mary, you’re never going to believe what happened. I’m going to tell you, but you’re going to be jealous.”

Really, I thought…what could it be?? I told her anything she bought herself was well-deserved and I wanted to see. At this point I knew it was a new bag or shoes. But I really wasn’t prepared for what she had to show me….


Omgoodness!!! My Chanel shoes!!! The ones I raved about, blogged about, cried that they didn’t make a size big enough for my giant foot. My body temperature went up at least 10 degrees, and she was right, I was/AM so jealous!!!!  Not that I need to mention this:  she has an amazing figure with feminine shoulders so she looks good in everything I can’t wear.  The fab flats are just another to add to the list.

Of course I’m very happy to bring good style to my friends. I don’t think she would have picked them out on her own, but I showed them to her because I knew she would wear them with everything. And she will!!

So rock on Barbie, you DO deserve them, and they will look hot with your skinny jeans.

Ok, no more tears. Off to bed.

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  • what about that spray on shoe stretchers product they sell on late night TV? why don’t you try that? (jez keeding)