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My no-escaping-it workout plan for winter

November 19th, 2012 No Comments

Even though my bf and I came into our new little house without any of our own furniture, we did have a few key items:  his spin bike and my crystal stemware.  What else do you need?!

The spin bike has been my saving grace to all of my excuses to NOT workout.  I know you all think I’m super motivated to workout every day.  Well, I wish that were true.  I come up with excuses just like everyone else.

For example:

  • I’m exhausted from my long day at work.
  • It’s too cold to go for a run.
  • The early onset of nighttime is deceptive.
  • My gym is too far away.

Sound familiar?  I’m sure it does.  But after setting up my own little ghetto Soul Cycle (yes, in the entry way that no one uses) and a goal of 500 calories in my heart rate zone 3, I can usually hop on with a decent attitude and get off feeling at least 75% better.  Not bad!

Do you have a winter workout plan?  I always need one to help me get through the cold months.  Especially with the holiday treats bombarding me from every direction.  I’ve found that if I can stay active, then I really don’t indulge much.

If you don’t have equipment in your house, I say go for the DVDs or website subscriptions:  P90x, Physique 57, iTrain, YogaGlo…and there is always the MTM Fitness archives where you’ll find plenty of “anywhere” exercises.

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