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The MTM Holiday Gift Guide 2012 + Giveaway

November 30th, 2012 18 Comments

‘Tis the season of gift giving to those we love, work with, and barely know. (You know it’s true in some cases.)  The thing is, we all want to extend the gesture of a gift to show that we care and appreciate someone, no matter to what degree, and we want the gift to be thoughtful, useful, and affordable.  Following are several lists that will hopefully satisfy all three for the different people in your life. Some of the items might seem mundane, but you should know the QUALITY of the products makes them a standout gift the recipient will appreciate.

Here’s the giveaway: 

Of course I want to give you guys a little something special for the holiday!

Tweet, Pin, or Post (on Facebook) this gift guide with this link http://ow.ly/fIajM and you will be entered to win a MTM Holiday Swag Bag which will include a few of my favorite products:  SOL Republic headphones, Jouer makeup, Archipelago body products, and much more! (You’ll see some of the items featured below with a *.)  Posting ends Dec 15.  Make sure to tag your post on all platforms @MaryRambin so I’ll see it!  You can get your name in the hat twice by offering your favorite gifts in the comments section below.  Links to any products are greatly appreciated!


(Moms, girlfriends, in-laws, etc)


(Dads, boyfriends, guy friends, in-laws, etc)

Co-workers, Acquaintances, Stocking Stuffers


Also see the Valentine’s gift guide I created this year.  I constructed it around how you feel about your partner :)

Also, keep up with my Gift Guide Pinterest board.  I’ll add more stuff there as the weeks go on.

When you’re ready to wrap these guys up, watch my How-To videos to create the perfect package and bow.

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  • Danielle

    For the holidays, I love giving the Kate Spade “this is your year” bangle. They’re classic, simple, and everyone flips over the messages!


  • A couple other party games to consider: DiXit (like apples to apples but with beautiful illustrations instead of words) and cards against humanity (not always PC, not for kids).

    • Thanks Serena! I’m in need of some new games for the house :)

  • JM

    Might sound weird as a gift, but Marvis toothpaste from Italy in licorice or jasmine mint. It is the most amazing toothpaste in the world! Great stocking stuffer! Around $10 on Amazon.

    • I love that stuff! Another great one.

    • JM you won a swag bag!!! Please send me your address asap. Congrats and thanks for reading and sharing!

  • Another fun game is “What’s yours like?” I also love to give and receive nice candles. Seda France candles are on sale on Gilt Group now!

  • Tiffany

    I like to give jewelry or random fun slash funky things from etsy that reflects the person, eg shark socks if the persons nickname is shark, etc

  • Danielle

    Gift cards to fitness studios around town, so we can sweat together

  • Wilde

    I am in love with fab.com they have amazing gifts on that site! I am really liking this sale with eclectic home decor pieces http://fab.com/sale/14231/

  • I like gifting retro candies, I think they’re a fun party gift http://www.amazon.com/Hometown-Favorites-1950s-Nostalgic-Candy/dp/B005NYXE1K/ref=pd_sim_gro_6

  • I love your gift guide! Similar to some of your items I like giving things that are a little indulgent and that someone may not buy for themselves such as Philosophy lotion sets or cologne/perfume. I got a co-worker an Essie nail polish mini set. I got my bf Gucci Guilty which smells amazing plus all of this can be found at Sephora or Ulta! http://www.sephora.com/guilty-pour-homme-P285804?skuId=1334986.

  • i love giving beautiful truffles from my fave local belgium chocolate shop (Locolat in DC, they also have a great beer selection)…they have awesome flavors (cayenne pepper is my fave) and are perfect for someone you maybe don’t know too well…who wouldn’t love a few exquisite pieces of chocolate?

  • I love to give vintage coffee table books. You can find great hardback art and fashion books on Amazon for $20 or less, and they’re one-of-a-kind. For my fellow athletes, Flywheel gift cards are the go-to. xxCRF

  • Lauren

    Gift certificates to the drybar are a great idea for any of the women in your life. For the men, I lean towards blu ray concert dvds (always a hit).

  • Thanks to all of your great suggestions. I appreciate your support and that you take the time to share! Our winners are:


    JM (below)