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The road to recovery is steep and long.

December 10th, 2012 2 Comments


Last week I told you about  how I hurt my shoulder and my plan to heal it was to stop exercising altogether.  Basically, lay off myself.  Not being able to workout was a welcome change from my usual regimen because I was just tired and annoyed of exercising.

This past week I got back in the saddle in any and every way I could, which basically meant I hit the treadmill….for 1.5 hours or 600 calories, whichever came first.  I did one high intensity day (heart rate in zone 4 + 5 for an hour), then one fat-burn training day (heart rate in zone 3), then took a day off for rest and very painful recovery massages (Tiffany has no mercy).   There was absolute no weight lifting or pressure applied to my shoulders, which made the whole effort very boring.  I mean, I can’t even spin because I can’t put my hands on the handle bars!

How did I pass this time on the treadmill without going absolutely crazy, you ask.  The high intensity days I did BLAST900 classes and never got off the treadmill.  Unfortunately, I found I couldn’t run faster than 7.0 without irritating my shoulder.  So I had to run and walk STEEP instead (remember: all you need is an incline to get your heart rate up).  Fast running for me is pretty easy, fast walking is terribly hard.  Thankfully, uphill jogging (on an incline of 9.0 to 18.0) was a middle ground that wasn’t too intense for my aching body and still raised my heart rate to zone 5.


Turns out the moderately intense workout exceeded my caloric expectations and has kept me in pretty good shape.

Zone 3 days (fat burn training days) have been even easier.  I just take my iPad on the treadmill and catch up on my mindless tv shows (Nashville and Revenge…I can’t believe I find either the least bit entertaining….).

Here’s the catch:  muscle tone and loss is becoming an issue.  Fitness, metabolism, and body function relies on muscle and I’m losing it slowly but surely.  My road of recovery has been working, so I refuse to grab weights. Hopefully after one more week of recovery I’ll be ready to start off light and build my strength again.

My friend Margaret Ellen read my post last week and said, “It was so refreshing to hear you don’t always love working out, that you get burned out too. I was inspired to get at it though because I can and you can’t.”  I’m glad to hear my humanity shines through and can be motivating.  I wish it were for me!  I’m trying to keep my head in the game with this cardio push, but it’s hard and boooooring.  But worth it in the end.  My energy and appetite is back to normal and I feel better overall.  In other words, let’s all keep up the work and reap its rewards :)

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