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More is More for Holiday Attire

December 19th, 2012 No Comments

This time of year is really the only time I can think of (besides Halloween) when we can break the rules and over-accessorize.  In the spirit of being festive!

Usually you pick one statement piece and let it shine atop your outfit.  Now I’m saying pile them all on.  Wear metallics, statement jewelry, and a bright red lip altogether.  Go on, throw on those red shoes too.  Of course you can go overboard, but this is your chance to play.

Let’s take Taylor as an example.  As always Taylor Swift looks amazing, but would you say she looks festive?  I don’t think she does.  I would love to see a big statement necklace and some shoes with character.


Here’s a key to pulling this off: the accessories you choose shouldn’t be be festive in their own right (Ranjana Khan above).  You don’t want to beat the issue to death before people’s gaze makes it to your waist.  You want your individual pieces to create one festive look.  I wish I had some examples to show you of successful ensembles, but I’m hoping now that I’ve mentioned this to you, you’ll notice women embracing the “more is more” holiday sensibility and give it a shot.

I’ll take some more pics and post them here after I’m out and about a little bit more.  You can always follow me on tumblr to keep up as well!


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