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Getting back in the fitness saddle? You lucky dog, you.

January 7th, 2013 3 Comments


Needless to say, I won’t be joining you :(

It’s been over a month since I’ve been able to workout due to constant neck and shoulder pain.  When the holidays finally passed, I went to see an Orthopedia surgeon who says my xrays show the signs of whiplash!


Apparently my neck should be bent here, but instead it’s straight!

In other words, all of my neck muscles are spasming and holding my neck straight instead of relaxing.  Ugh.  Why this happened?  We don’t know exactly.  My best guess is stress and sitting at the computer for longer than I’m used to.  What can I do?  Wear a brace all day, take muscle relaxers, and do no-impact cardio.  Double ugh.  The brace has proven to be not only annoying, but also irritating on my neck.  The muscle relaxers allow for a little relief, but not much.  So I just have to wait….

As for the rest of you without muscles in panic, I’m sure you’re ready to hit the gym with vigor.  Here is a spin mix I made that I think you’ll enjoy on or off the bike.  If you’re a member on Rdio, you can follow me and subscribe to the list.  Otherwise, you can preview the songs here and then download them on your preferred player.  Happy sweating!

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  • Man, sorry to hear about your neck. That’s crazy.

    Thanks for the new playlist, I just added it to my queue and will be checking it out here shortly. I hope for a speedy recovering :)

  • theshizzles

    OMG I hope you get better soon Mary. Sending you lots of love!