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My natural cold remedies

January 23rd, 2013 No Comments


Wouldn’t you know I’m sick. Well, sick seems to be the wrong word. I have a flemy sore throat so I’m fighting getting sick with every natural remedy I know. My method seems to be working.

My usual preventative cocktail consists of:

— oscillococcinum
— 1000 mg vitamin c
— zinc pills
Umca dissolving powder
— Echinacea and Goldenseal drops

That last one is the killer; it tastes atrocious, but it’s effective. When I went to buy the drops at the closest drug store in San Francisco, they didn’t have any. What they did have is this Sambucus syrup. I didn’t believe it would work because it’s not as potent as straight up Echinacea, but I bought it as my only resort. Thankfully, not only is it working, but it tastes good. The elderberry masks the nasty echinacea taste. It soothes and coats my aching throat which the drops never did.

Check it out next time you’re feeling a cold come on to fight the good fight before the bug takes you over.

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