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Which Nor Cal food trend will sweep our menus next?

January 24th, 2013 No Comments

You know what I love about eating out in San Francisco:  the chefs make fresh food taste exceptional without having to over-dress it.  And they welcome you to enjoy it in a dark, beautifully rustic restaurant where you can get cozy with your date.  There you eat bites instead of devour plates of food.

On my recent trip to the Bay, the “Northern California Cuisine” delivered yet again…at EVERY restaurant I visited. ¬†¬†Apparently the term “California Cuisine” has become trite so “they” have made a move to distinguish themselves from the rest of the state. ¬†As they should. ¬†LA food doesn’t hold a candle to what you’ll find upstate. ¬†Northern California cuisine is truly distinct in its freshness, innovation, and complexity.


One need only to pick up a menu to discover the trends that will soon be sweeping fine dining. The popular menu items this season:  pickled vegetables, chicory salads, dungeness crab, egg, black cod, rabbit, and olive cake.

Last time I visited brussels sprouts were all the rage so I expect we will see one of these steal the show in our local restaurants.

I have yet to try hundreds of the greats in SF, but the ones I have blew my mind. ¬†Should you visit, I’d reccommend any of the following:

If you’re a local, please share your favorites in the comments below!

(Photos from dinner at Bar Agricole)

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