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Do you think I worked off the Super Bowl snacks??

February 5th, 2013 No Comments


The easy answer is “no!” I’m guessing I consumed a lot more than 775 calories during a 5 hour snack fest. The truth is that I did burn the calories I consumed, just over a longer period of time. Let me explain

The good thing I’ve learned over the last six months is:

Calories IN does NOT equal Calories OUT.

This has always been my gut feeling, but it’s nice to have it validated by educated professionals :)

There are three principles I can identify at work:

  1. Muscle burns calories, even when you are sitting still. That’s why weight/strength training is important.
  2. High intensity training (anaerobic, heart rate zones 4 and 5) revs up your metabolism so it will work harder longer. At least 24 hours after you killed it at the gym.
  3. Aerobic training (heart rate zone 3) teaches your body to burn fat. Carbs not burned off turn into fat, so this is very important.

Click the links for my experience with each. You can also find TONS of exercises for each by looking under the “Fitness” menu on the top navigation.

The bottom line here is an active person has the ability to burn more calories even when they’re not working out. When an excessive amount of calories is consumed (at parties), you can rest assured that you’re not going to pay in pounds. Soooo, if you exercise and maintain a healthy diet, you’re able to have cheat days and treats!

I hope this serves as a little motivation for you Ainsling! I’ll get into your specific workout details soon. Thanks for the question!


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