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Cashmere is out, leather is in this spring.

February 19th, 2013 1 Comment


(Click the image to make it bigger.)

It’s hard to escape the leather jacket propoganda in stores right now.  I walked into Saks in NYC to find half of the contemporary floor was covered in displays of the latest leather jackets styles.  No matter where you’re shopping, you’ll find anything leather pretty much goes.  You pick what you like and you’re “in” for spring.

  • Style: bomber, femme, or blazer
  • Color: black, gray, creme, and camel are the most versatile (but I say if you find a color you love, go for it!)
  • Fit: fitted, darted, or boxy
  • Sleeves: with or without with sleeves
  • Labels: medium to oversized
  • Extras: belts, buttons, zippers, ruffles

The similarity in all of them being the length. Your leather jacket or blazer should be cropped at the hip.

Being a person who doesn’t like to have something everyone else has, my first thought was, “I could probably find a bomber jacket that no one has at a good thrift store.”  One look that the prices and that’s not a bad idea if you’re on a budget.  Retail prices range from $795 to about $1300 for brands like Joie, Vince, Helmut Lang, etc.

Here are two examples from TOPSHOP (via their tumblr).  I wish I still had the opportunity to dress as trendy as these girls, but alas, I think I’d be thrown out of Buckhead in a crop top.  But you get the idea with the leather pieces.  Either the vest (a bit over-sized for my taste) or the jacket would pair perfectly with any other spring trends.


As you saw from my fashion week ensemble, I went with a more femme style: BCBG, black, super fitted, over sized collar, strips of leather making it super stretchy, something I can wear casual or a little more dressed up.  I was SHOCKED when I saw the price was $395; what a steal in comparison to the others.

Now, if you’re NOT the leather jacket type, you can opt for jackets or blazers with leather trim or other pieces made of leather.  My long-time friend Margaret found this awesome leather peplum top at boutique in Houston.  I love how the leather gives the traditional silhouette a little edge!


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