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Taxi, take me to the corner of Hipster & Broadway.

February 22nd, 2013 No Comments

Ace Hotel New York

That would be the corner of 29th Street and Broadway in New York where cool kid locals sip, savor, sleep, and suit up.  Here you’ll find:

For me the attraction is Stumptown Coffee where hipsters pour perfect cappuccinos I can enjoy in the library lobby of the Ace hotel with my laptop.   Our guess is that the popularity of The Ace and Stumptown really got this neighborhood back on the map.  I’ve never stayed at the Ace; I hear the rooms are small but some of the best priced accommodations in town.

Also in the lobby is The Breslin, a pork-centric gastropub from chef April Bloomfield.  Last fall, she opened a new outpost just down the street on the actual corner: John Dory Oyster Bar that boasts a $100/head chef’s table experience.  It actually seems like a pretty casual joint with a lot of great beers on tap.  If you’re looking for a cheap bite, you can walk next door on Broadway and grab a delicious sandwich at No. 7 Sub.  If you can believe it, the Broccoli sub is one of the most popular items.  One more door down and you’ll stumble into the overpriced clothier Opening Ceremony.  It got its start on the block attached to the Ace, but apparently outgrew the nook.  Their style is what I would call hipster prep I suppose….kind of like what Adam Levine is trying to pull off these days.

Finally, The NoMad Hotel, restaurant, and bar, which is actually on 28th street, is one of THE hottest spots on the island right now.  The bar scene is dominated by men.  Single NYC women you need to go grab a drink and browse the selection.  From what I could tell you won’t have any competition!  As for the acclaimed restaurant you have to reserve a table at a month in advance, I thought the food was just average.  An ex-bf of mine works there and plotted out our selections:  seafood tower, pickled cauliflower salad, and the roast chicken for two.  Now, I knew going in it was going to be pricey, but a roasted chicken for $80 is ridiculous.  Especially when there’s nothing redeeming about it.  I’ve heard the same about the rooms in the hotel:  pricey and unamusing.  The library lounge in the back is a great place to gather a group and hang out.  It reminds me of the Bowery Hotel, just smaller.  The bottle service is unique in that if you get a bottle, a mixologist will prepare a legit cocktail for you.

I’m not sure I would put this little pocket on a New York City Guide, but should you be in the area, pop over, grab a drink, and take in the flavor of Flatiron.  Look at it this way, you can get a dose of “NYC hipster” without having to take a detour to Brooklyn :)

29th and Broadway New York

(Top photo left to right, clockwise: Stumptown, Ace Lobby, Opening Ceremony, NoMad bar, No. 7 Sub, John Dory Oyster Bar)

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