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Earn real money with your old stuff!

February 27th, 2013 No Comments

Threadflip Mary Rambin

I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to have checks coming in from my resale sites these days.  Clothes, jewelry, and accessories that I NEVER or rarely wear anymore are now making me real money!  The key is to be smart about where you resell your stuff.

My outlets:


  • Consign top designer brand pieces that are like new.  A concierge will come to your house if you have 10 pieces or more to consign or you can ship them in for assessment.
  • You get 60% of selling price. That’s the best I’ve ever seen.
  • For info or to consign, contact Nicole.Fornaro@therealreal.com


  • DIY consignment
  • Post your own picks to their site, describe the item, and name your own price
  • Share your sale across social platforms to promote
  • They provide shipping label already paid for
  • Fee: 20% of sale price
  • Shop my closet here

Local Consignment Stores

  • Take in your stuff and they pull what they want
  • Usually hangs on the racks for 90 days until which time you donate or take back
  • Labels they accept depends on the store.
  • Ones I use: Labels in Atlanta (will take my Zara!), Little Bird in Houston, tons now in Soho NYC I’ve seen


  • Sell all of my old gold and silver jewelry instantly for cash
  • Pay the highest price per ounce I’ve seen
  • Have a party and earn 10% of total they buy
  • Email me Mary@MoreThanMary.com for more details and I can help set you up
  • Have earned THOUSANDS without selling a lot of stuff

Other sites I’ve heard of:


  • Consign any label women’s clothes
  • Fees 38.5% of sale
  • $10 for clean out kit


  • Consign iAnything or video games
  • Fees: 12% first 100, 8% after that, $1-3 for shipping kit


  • fee 15% sale price plus $2.34 closing fee

Collectables, furniture, designer goods:


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