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I’m going on “Spring Break”

March 1st, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin bathing suit

I wish that meant I was headed to some exotic beach to disconnect from the world, read for pleasure, and laugh with the man I love.  But such is not the case, far from it.  That’s where I was a year ago…

What I’m saying is that I’m taking a break from the blog.  Everyone needs a little vacay, no matter how they spend it.  Since most of you are headed to the beach, now is actually an opportune time to step away and regroup.  I want my posts to be inspired not forced, and I just can’t sit down at the computer right now to write.  The ironic part is that I have SO MUCH to share.  I’ll be updating on twitter, Facebook, and instagram I’m sure.

As for you, I hope you stay a while and browse beach workouts before your vacay, pre or post vacay cleansing, prepping for a friend’s wedding, what you should be buying for spring, hotel reviews, etc.  It’s all here even though I am not. That’s the beauty of having a lovely organized blog :)

Big hugs to you all.  I’ll see you on March 25!

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