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Food that will M.A.K.E. your day in LA

March 28th, 2013 No Comments

M.A.K.E. Lasagna

Looks good doesn’t it?!! This lasagna is actually better than good. It’s amazing. Mind-blowing. And meatless. And vegan. AND raw!

Don’t judge, don’t judge.

If I told you it was loaded in fat would that help you believe me that it’s delicious?

The fat comes from the macadamia nut cream and the pistachios. The rest is all raw, organic, refreshing, flavorful veg. That’s what you’ll find an entire menu of at M.A.K.E. – the latest venture from Matthew Keeney – in the Santa Monica mall (more on that later).

My friend and foodie extraordinaire Payman took me for dinner one night and I’ll be forever .


This, my friends, is one of the most extraordinary “cheese” plates you’ll ever devour. All made from nuts. Here we have chipotle (top), cheddar that tastes like a pepperoni (center), and truffle nut cheeses. They are so silky smooth you’d never guess they were derived from a crunchy nut. Those crackers on the side are Almond fennel flax (I believe). Thankfully they sell them by the bag so I could bring them home more to eat with guac and jam. All of those were gone by the end of the meal.

Bottom line, the food at M.A.K.E. is not for vegans, it’s for people who enjoy rich and delicious food because if I hadn’t told you what it was made of, you would have been perfectly happy to eat it and never ask. And yes, they do serve beer and wine; a solid selection I might add.

MAKE culinary institute

If you love the food as much as I do, you’ll be happy to know they have a Culinary Institute on-site where you can learn to make two vegan dishes and devour them with wine for $85. Considering their menu prices, that’s not a bad deal. Aside from the pricing, there are a couple of drawbacks to M.A.K.E. that I am going to ask you to overlook on your first visit.

M.A.K.E. restaurant

First of all, it’s located on the top level of the Santa Monica mall in “The Market:” a collection of really great cafe and deli style vendors offering their unique take on food. There’s a farm-to-table comfort food, fine cheeses, a wine shop, and a nice patio to enjoy it all. Honestly, the cafe style reminds me of one of those cut-out cafes you would find in a mall in Europe amongst designer clothes. I am always pleasantly surprised at home good the food is at those.


M.A.K.E. menu


The menu is a bit pricey but the food is wildly sophisticated (in a good way) to the point where I would like to be in a nicer setting. The decor of M.A.K.E. is right on target for San Fran chic, but looking out into The Market takes away from the ambiance. That being said, if they can start to pack the place with a solid crowd, you might not notice that much.

I say it’s a must for an LA local. Go with an open mind and enjoy the food. You WILL NOT be sorry. Then you’ll return to “The Market” for all of the other fun things it has to offer.

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