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“Pink is my signature color.”

April 9th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin wearing "Whitney" Jouer lipstick

Love me some Steel Magnolias! “He doesn’t know whether to wind his butt or scratch is watch.” It’s been too long since I’ve watched it…

I really thought red was going to be my color for Spring, but “Whitney,” a new color from Jouer, has pulled me over to the dark side (those of you who remember my Julia days can understand why I have an aversion to the shade).

Whitney is actually more hot pink than it looks in this pic.  I tame it with a little mauve lip liner and then pop with my go-to top coat, Revlon “Shine City.”

Whitney Head to Chin

I’ve been wearing Whit for a week and haven’t switched to another color no matter what the outfit. I just keep my makeup palllet neutral. One of the reasons I like the pink over red is the fact that I can wear a little heavier eye liner with it. Red really demands a simply eye so you don’t look like…well, you know.

Now, anything pink catches my eye and I instantly want to buy. Of course shopping in Bergdorfs the other day that wasn’t a possibility, but you can see why I was intrigued.

Pretty pink shoe from Bergdorf GoodmanRenee Caoviall loafers

I have yet to find a loafer that I like and looks good on me. With my long feet, that’s a hard bill to fit! And now that the weather is getting warm, I think I’ve missed the boat until fall.

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  • Birdy

    The only loafer-style shoe that seems to work for me is good old Sperrys. I have leopard top-siders, but some of their other styles work well. And you’re not licking cupcakes in a tutu, so embrace the pink ;)