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What I do for a living: Social Media Training – It’s a tough sell

April 10th, 2013 No Comments

Entreprenuer magazine content marketing

A lot of you write and ask what I do for a living because obviously blogging doesn’t pay the bills (for me, anymore).  So I have become a “digital media consultant.”  People come to me and say, “I want to use social media to expand my business and make more money.”   I say, “Ok, let’s see what you’ve got right now.”  After a brief assessment of their current brand, website, etc, I see that most of what they have is not up to current market standards.  I then write a proposal on how we can get them there and work with my resources to do so.

Now comes the social media part.  Most companies outsource their efforts to their PR firms who claim to be able to create the content for them.  But, what they actually do is turn on a facebook page and then load it with marketing pitches in hope you’ll click.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s annoying and it doesn’t usually work.  So what I do is TRAIN a company’s staff to create and manage the content in-house.  I’ve developed a 3 month training program to do so.  In this time, the staff learns their role, I learn their business and am able to set up strategies to make their efforts efficient, effective, and sometimes even fun.  I want them to enjoy it, otherwise they won’t do it.

This training program, which involves a manual and many hours of hand-holding, is totally unique to my business and has proven to be successful!

All of that being said, it’s still a hard sell because people don’t WANT to use social media because they don’t want to tweet about their lunch amongst many other excuses.  So, they come to me, ask for my help, claim they don’t have a social media budget but can pay something, and then opt to pay an agency simply because they don’t want to/have time to/like to do it.

Thankfully, I do all of the rest of the work: web design, programming, branding, marketing, video production, etc, so I can still pay my rent!

Anyway, that’s an answer and a little insight.

The bottom line is:


And I’m not the only one who knows it.

Entreprenuer magazine content marketing 2


(Exerpts from Entreprenuer Start-Ups magazine, April 2013, read the whole article here.)

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