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Old building, new Penthouse in Beverly Hills

April 11th, 2013 No Comments

Chef Josef Morphis

Mastro’s Steakhouse, an institution in Beverly Hills known for it’s butter-slathered steaks (my favorite in LA!), second floor piano lounge, and working girl bar, has decided it’s time to restore it’s youth.  Back in my college days, you would find twenty-something celebs, agents, and scensters dining there or downstairs begging for a reservation.  Such is no longer the case.  The average age of the male clientle seems to be about 60.  So one day, the boys said, let’s do something with our crowd and this third floor.

They built “The Penthouse,” a more modern fine dining experience with a small bar and spacious outdoor terrace.  The terrace is  the best part because it’s hard to find nice outdoor dining in Beverly Hills unless you go to a hotel.  Another bonus: they stay open until 1am if you’re looking for a nice late night snack.

Mastro's Penthouse

While you can get the entire Mastro’s menu there, Chef Josef Morphis (with me above) has gone to great lengths to offer you a lighter fare in his appetizer and sushi menu. Our group devoured two seafood towers of about 8 unique dishes. The tuna on some sort of Parmesan cracker you see below was awesome.  Prices are a little lower than the steakhouse, but not by much.  I’m sorry my picture sucks…

Mastro's Penthouse Sushi Tower

I guess I’ll have to go back and get a better one to replace it.  You’ll find me on the terrace, martini and hand. Feel free to join me!

(Full disclosure: Mastro’s offered a media discount in exchange for the review.)


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