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Everyone wants to know about this jacket

April 13th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin leather jacket

I’ll admit for the price it was quite a find!

It’s BCBG $368 from Saks, although I’m sure they sold it at many department stores. Reader Wilde found it online at Saks if you want it.  A friend of mine mistook it for Rick Owens, and every time I wear it someone always says, “that’s a fabulous piece” like I paid a bundle for it.

In comparison to the other $700+ leather jackets around it on the floor, I liked it the most.  The reason I believe it’s less expensive is because the shell is strips of leather on top of a spandex blend fabric.  I love it because it’s thin and stretchy (great for my big shoulders), not clunky like most leather jackets.  The collar has the ability to stand up a little.

What I love about it is that it goes with EVERYTHING AND raises the game of my preppy outfits to have a cool factor they didn’t before.  I bought a white bomber jacket that does the same thing.  I wear it mostly with my workout clothes to be honest.  You know me, always in my spandex!

For more on the leather jacket trend, click here for my post.

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  • Joe

    Ok that is hot!