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April 16th, 2013 3 Comments

Fady at Tootsies 2013

I know, I know, Fady is a little bit much, but isn’t that the fun part about fashion?! I love going into Tootsies to see what he’s wearing that day. As a manager of the store, the man has to have style and I love how he always takes it above and beyond.  He turns heads and that’s what style is about.

I’ll admit I get a little intimidated to ask for his opinion when I’m trying things on, but he’s always sweet to help and without fail adds the perfect finishing touches to take my outfit to “ensemble” level.

For example, he picked out a killer bangle to “funk up” this very traditional Reem Acra gown I got from RentTheRunway.  For the life of me I can’t find the professional photos from Nick and Dominique’s wedding so this one will have to do.  Trust me, that bangle I’m wearing is absolutely fabulous and it made me feel complete from head to toe.  (Watch my video: How to get dressed for an event – black tie, wedding, etc – on a budget.  I have a little checklist to help you!)

Mary Rambin in Reem Acra RentTheRunway

What I’m loving about being back in LA and NYC is feeling comfortable incorporating a little more flare into my outfits.  The South can be so traditional, and in the life I was living, I didn’t want to, care to, or dare push the envelope too far.  Now, I’m running around in spandex and hooker boots, throwing on necklaces and heels instead of simple studs and Uggs, silk blouses instead of tank tops, bright lipstick instead of chap stick, and having fun with fashion again.  And with that comes a big smile – our best accessory :)


Mary Rambin smile 2013

(Full Disclosure: RentTheRunway generously provided the gown in exchange for an honest account of my experience using the service.)




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