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Go ahead, let your kids throw your iPhone in the toilet

April 17th, 2013 No Comments

iPhone under water - LifeProof case

Just make sure it has this LifeProof case on it before it takes the plunge.

I took this picture at my friend Nick’s house 2 nights ago.  He was showing me the sound system he installed into his UWS diggs and this was part of it.  “I can change my music while I’m in the shower,” he said, “If you don’t believe me, I can drop it in the toilet.”  (Gotta love guy extremes.)  We didn’t go that far, I said a simple faucet test would suffice.   And so on the water came, and the music still played!

LifeProof  sells cases for ALL of Apple devices and protects against WATER, SHOCK, SNOW, and DIRT.  Apparently the product is military grade quality. So for $80 bucks you can have a true marine protect your precious phone.

My first thought was LifeProof cases for mommies.  This thing seems almost completely childproof.  I say almost because I’m not sure it is as strong as an Otterbox when it comes to consistent dropping as the LifeProof case is so slim.  But it claims to protect against shock, and after watching it pass the water test with flying colors, I believe it!

Nick adds the case is great for sportsmen, or as a hunter myself, should say sports-people.  Fishing, skiing, boarding, surfing, and really anything where you get sweaty.  I’ve ruined an iPhone from stuffing it in my sports bra and sweating into it.  His final suggestion: “Pair it with these waterproof headphones and you can’t be stopped!”

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