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Change is a good thing!

April 22nd, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin workout weights

Last week I wrote about my workout routines.  Routines are comforting because we know what lies ahead and we can anticipate any discomfort.  For our minds and bodies, that’s not necessarily a good thing when it comes to our workout.  You need to challenge yourself to make them stronger.  Keep your body on its toes!

This week, I encourage you to take your workouts to the next level simply by changing one little thing.  Add on weight, resistance, an incline, just something so you FEEL a difference in your muscles when you do a movement.

For example, here’s what I do to turn up the intensity:

  • Add 2 pounds when using light weights (so go from 3 to 5 lbs)
  • Add 5 pounds when using heavy weights
  • Start my treadmill workout at a 3.o incline instead of 0
  • Jog and run 0.5 faster
  • Add 2 pushups in my chaturangas
  • Put an extra turn/gear on my resistance while spinning
  • Do 30 crunches instead of 20

You get the idea.

Just make sure you aren’t compromising your form to carry the extra intensity.  If that’s the case, back off.  Form is truly the key to being successful, no mater what your goal.  You can also decrease your reps by 2-5.  Just see how you feel.


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