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Return of the Phoenix

April 24th, 2013 No Comments

Phoenix Bankrupt!

The Parisian band Phoenix, that writes and sings songs we love like “Liztomania” and “1901” on their Wolfgang
Amadeus Phoenix album from way back when in 2009, has finally released a new album – Bankrupt! Before I read reviews of what the experts think, I take a listen and see how well my ears are tuned. Kinda like when you taste wine and guess the flavors before you ask
what the sommelier what’s really on your tongue. I do the same with music. On first listen, what struck me was the irony of their trendy, digital, “bouncy” sound that departs from the harder rock beats in their first album coupled with the name of the songs. Maybe it’s all of the dubstep, remix, cool kid music I’ve been listening to in SoulCycle training, but the songs make a huge effort to be cool. Then I read the song titles:

Phoenix Bankrupt album songs

Funny, right?! That being said, I really like the sound and their evolution. Bands need to grow with the industry, in most cases. Now, here’s what the experts have to say:

“The band concocted a delightfully varied collection of dizzy synth swirls and bubbly hooks.” — iTunes

“At its best — “Chloroform,” “Entertainment” and the title track — the group offers more joyous opportunity to sing along to the grand vocal melodies of Thomas Mars. The singer has a knack for delivering runs that nestle their way into the brain’s musical crevices, while the band (bassist Deck d’Arcy, guitarists/multi-instumentalists Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai) pushes its sounds in engaging and occasionally urgent new directions.” — LATimes

I think iTunes nails it. The sound is mesmerizing, and I have a hard time grabbing onto any of the
lyrics. All of the songs seem to run together. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Take a listen, see what you think.


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