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Jeep’s economy car is a big hit in my book.

May 1st, 2013 No Comments

I was a Jeep fan LONG before they ever approached me to be a brand ambassador. My first car was a used Jeep Grand Cherokee that somehow survived all of my accidents still intact when I traded it in. More recently, I drove my ex’s Sahara 2-door hard top Wrangler in Atlanta.  Without fail, when I pulled up to park, people would get excited to talk to me about it – the colors, rims, all of which were standard issue I might add. It is a good looking car and so much fun to drive!

This video was shot when when Jeep flew me out to the North American International Auto Show in January to report from the event and learn more about their 2014 models. When covering anything I always look for trends in an industry and models/styles people might not know about.

While Jeep is launching some pretty bad ass cars for 2014, I was most impressed with the Compass (car in this video).  They took the capabilities and luxury of the Grand and SR models and condensed it to an economy level. In my opinion, there is nothing small about the Compass; it feels and functions like a full-size SUV. The price is great (starting at $18,495) and the fuel efficiency is even better. (Considering what I pay monthly for my Audi and how much I spend on gas, I don’t know what I was thinking.) Watch the video and you’ll hear about all of the fun features I discovered.

Here’s the rub for me. Having driven a Wrangler for a while, I would consider buying a Wrangler over the Compass. My two concerns being that it’s not a good car for security or hauling groceries. The drive is also bumpy in comparison to the Compass. Finally, the hard top is a hassle to take on and off. All of that being said, the Wrangler is a FUN car (which is why it wasn’t our main car). The Compass is practical and that can provide for FUN in many other ways :)

More to come on car trends for 2014.  You might have already noticed a few style changes on the road!

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