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Photos from my Derby days

May 12th, 2013 1 Comment

Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs PaddockKentucky Derby Churchill Downs Race Track

Visiting Houston for Mother’s day weekend, I almost forgot to post pics from the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs!  As promised, here are a few snapshots from a once-in-a-lifetime experience.   To me, The Derby is one of those events you think you might get lucky to attend, but if you never made it, you wouldn’t lose sleep or die unsatisfied.  That’s how I felt about it anyway….like the Masters.   After going, even with such privledged access, I still say the same.  Being there was truly a HUGE honor.  Exciting would be a massive understatement.



Girl at Kentucky Derby Hat


You know what I was most excited to see: the hats!  Who cares about the horses.  (Kidding, only kidding.) Surprisingly, the hats and outfits were…fine.  A few shockers here and there, but nothing to write home about.  There were a lot of women, older and younger, wearing a lot of old lady hats.  When I came across a fashionista I could tell instantly, but most people were very approachable in their attire, and even moreso after a few mint julips.  As for me, I chose wine over the sweetened bourbon.  If I’m going to drink bourbon, give it to me neat, please.


Mary Rambin Oaks Day outfit

Our crew attended to two days of races.  On Friday there is The Oaks which insists you “Pink Out” your outfit to honor the Oaks’ official flower, the stargazing lily.  I was determined to wear my favorite Alaia dress and pinked it out with H&M flowers in my hair, red Chanel sunnies, and Louboutins wedges that have pink and yellow tie dye on the heel.  Thankfully the weather was nice that day.  As for The Derby….


Kentucky Derby walk 2013


Yuck!  It rained and rained and then rained some more.  I walked through that slop!  In this outfit:

Mary Rambin Kentucky Derby

Well, kind of.  I started out wearing:  hat by Suzanne, J Mendel dress, Eli Tahari sandals.  Before I even left the hotel I had on a cashmere wool cape so all you could see was my hat.  I have to say, that thing stood up to the rain, a clown-car van ride, hustle through the crowd, and so much more.  Quite a testament to Suzanne who made it.  As for my shoes, they were quickly switched out for something more appropriate for slopping through the mud.



Kentucky derby horseMary Rambin Kentucky Deby shoes


Super cute, I know.  But my feet were squeaky clean by the time we made it to the box to watch the race.


Kentucky Derby 2013


Unfortunately our horse did not win.   But being in the stands, cheering on the horse, even before the race started, was totally exhilarating.  I can’t say I’ve ever felt anything like it.

Below, Joel Rosario, riding Orb, took home the roses and purse.  Such a sweet man I have to say.  He won a handful of races over both days.

Mary Rambin and Kentucky Derby Jockey winner Joel Rosario

Well, there you have the big picture.  Fun times!  Many more to come.

One fact I worth mentioning before you go: The Kentucky Derby is only ONE race out of almost 20 held on Saturday.  Each race has its own name.

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