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Taking the “work” out of working out

May 13th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin and Cederick

When I know I’m coming back to Houston, the first person I call aside from my parents is Cederick, my trainer.  He’s not just my trainer, he’s a light in my day and a huge source of positive energy for me.  He’s seen me at my worst, destroyed in tears, and I still show up for him, without shame, because I know that not only will the workout be good for me, but being in his presence and hearing his nuggets of wisdom will be even more beneficial than getting my heart rate up.

I tell people this ALL the time, but the message never became clear to me until I was doing this exercise with him the other day.  While I do these pull downs, he stands behind me so I can rest my head on his stomach as he keeps his fingers on my lats to help me focus. My thought was that even though the exercise was a struggle, it was pleasure not pain or “work.”

You all ask me CONSTANTLY, how do I stay motivated to exercise regularly.  Cederick is one of my many answers.  And man, in Houston was he hard to find.  Like most of my favorites, he was referred to me by a friend.  BLAST900, JoyYoga, Level10, and SoulCycle are more favorites that were referrals actually. If I don’t have a recommendation, I don’t seek out, I HUNT DOWN workouts I enjoy so I want to go do them.  I don’t just join the gym next to my house, I commute if I have to.  If I’m stuck and I need to exercise in a way that’s not fun for me (like Zone 3 days on the treadmill), I find a way to entertain myself (Nashville Star on my iPad).

So this week, I encourage you to take an assessment of how much you actually like the exercises you do.  That could mean individual movements, entire days, classes, studios, trainers, whatever.  If you feel yourself cringe at any point, drop that exercise and HUNT DOWN a seemingly-enjoyable replacement.

It took me years to find my routines.  Mostly because I move around so much.  But you should be able to find activities that fill both your exercise and entertainment buckets all at one time.

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