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Have you noticed Furla lately?

May 14th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin Furla bag Fall 2012

When I first saw this slouchy messenger bag in Tootsies, the softness of the leather instantly converted it from cute to coveted in my eyes. As a handbag designer, the quality of the leather/skins brands use always intrigues me. I’d never seen cow treated like this before and still be so supple. Usually cow is pretty stiff and takes a while to wear in.

The next surprise came when I looked at the label: Furla. Furla, that’s a brand I haven’t thought about in a while. Then I checked the price; $495, wow, not bad in comparison to its style competitors like Rebecca Minkoff. (Furla totes are more akin to the big boys such as Ferragamo.)

On all fronts I was so pleasantly surprised with this bag!  After a month of the NYC hustle stuffed to the gills as you see above, it has proven its quality and still looks exactly the same as the day I bought.  Impressive is an understatement.

This little hobo sparked my curiosity and led me to Saks to see what else Furla is up to these days. I think you’ll like what I discovered!

Furla Spring 2013 purse 1Furla Spring 2013 purse 5Furla Spring 2013 purse 4Furla Spring 2013 purse 2Furla Spring 2013 purse 6Furla Spring 2013 purse 3

An array of totes in bold colors and skins that are similar to those of the trending designers but just different enough to have their own style AND pricepoint. My personal favorite is the last one.  Must be all of those years hunting with my dad and collecting rattle snake tails that draws me to the snake skin.

I can’t stand having something everyone else is wearing (aka the Givenchy Phantom bag) which is why I have respect for Furla’s new direction. I have always considered the brand to be well-made, but too conservative and safe for my taste. As we can see whoever is at the helm now is going to great lengths to shed that rep and make a big statement.

These totes range from $895 to $1895 (if I remember correctly). Choo, McQueen, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and other brands you love seem to be two to three hundred more expensive for the same style.  You can also find Furla clutches in the same color schemes, but surely you know my feelings about a clutch :)

In other handbag news, I hear Valentino is coming out with some amazing styles. I’ll check into Editorialist to see when they surface. More on that site later.

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