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Spare $5 bucks?

May 15th, 2013 No Comments

I’m working with Mike Berman (the guy in this really clever video) and his start up called Friday5 – an organization/website you join to give $5 a week to a worthy cause without lifting a finger.  So for the price of a latte a week  you get to help 52 different charities a year.

Yearly total: $260.  THAT’S IT!!!

Friday5 automatically deducts the $5 and sends it to a different accredited charity every week.  Super easy and affordable!  For more details on the company, click here.

They donate to all kinds of charities like Semper Fi Fund and Water.org to smaller ones, and they’ve all been vetted.  Last Friday, I wrote the copy for Citizens for Animal Protection, an animal shelter in Houston (one my mom really likes, which is why I chose it).

At the end of the year, they send you your tax deduction form with your total donations.

It’s the best way to donate without having to give a ton of money and research “good causes.”  Plus, I think we all have $5 a week to put towards the greater good!

Click here to check it out and join, it takes seconds.  Seriously.  And you seriously have $5 a week to be helpful.

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