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Survival of the Spinnist

May 21st, 2013 No Comments


Today, not unlike my others in NYC, is a crazy one.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on some sort of game show called…hmm…Survival of the Spinnist or Beat the Streets powered by Google Maps.

I’m actually writing this post on my iPhone while shooting uptown on the 3 train to take Janet’s 8:30am class which will be followed by Mel’s 9:30 class.  A double with those two is truly the best way to die, I mean, start the day :)

This is my way of saying my fashion post probably won’t go up today as I will be hustling from Gramercy to UWS to TriBeCa to the East Village to UES and back to Gramercy. Aside from the commuting, there will be AT LEAST 4 hours of spinning. Needless to say my dogs will be barking by about 2pm.

Thankfully, a friend showed me a secret weapon to soften the blow:


They’re padded under the balls of my feet and heels. Worth every penny of $14 a pair.

I rant about the hustle, but I feel very blessed to be here and fulfilling my SoulCycle career.

There is good news too! Today I’m officially out of my EV “hovel” sublet and into my friend Susan’s luxurious little Midtown hideaway for a couple of weeks. Finally a clean place to sleep…with soundproof windows :)

Hope you have a wonderful day. More tomorrow I promise. I have a “new” album to share that will work for so many things in your life. Oh, and, congrats to David Karp on his tumblr sale to Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!). It’s been fun watching the platform grow.

Sleeveless in NYC Head to Shoulders

  • Oliver Peoples sunglasses
  • Yigal Azrourel scarf
  • Rag & Bone denim vest

Spandex pretty much everywhere else :)

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