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Interesting B.S. you’ll love for summer parties

May 29th, 2013 No Comments

It’s that time of year for weddings, BBQs, pool parties, beach days where you’ll catch up with friends and family.  You’ll love to learn about what they’ve been up to and offer them a few “happy” tie bits from your year.  And then…hmmm…what to talk about next?  The weather, new restaurants in cities they might not visit, the latest tragedy?  Yikes.

Besides scrolling through weeks of my facebook feed, I like to bring something fresh to the conversation.  Most of my friends could care less about tech news, so I have found when I bring it up, they’re always intrigued. If I’m in a group of men, their eyes actually light up (take note my fellow singles).

Here are a three nuggets you can throw out there to show you’re up to speed on the fastest growing industry on the planet.

1.  “The Limo industry is going to die.  Have you used Uber yet?”

Uber app

Uber is the mobile application that allows you to call upon a black car or SUV in your area with one click.  Right now the service is only available in major cities, but has already revolutionized the taxi/limo industry.  Think about it, you can reserve a luxury car in seconds that will pull up in minutes and charge you a fare between that of a taxi and a limo.  Your credit card information is stored in the app and Uber pays the driver (tip included) for you.  A fun fact: Uber is testing out the system with taxis in NYC now.

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2.  “Twitter has a new thing on the market called Vine, it’s like Instagram for videos.”

photo 2

That pretty much says it all.  Vine is Twitter’s new mobile app that allows you to shoot 6 seconds of video that the app sews together so you can upload a cute little video instantly to one or many of your social platforms.  It’s fun, but no one really seems to be using it yet.  That’s why you will blow people away with this one.  A friend of mine made my first Vine video at a Memorial day pool party the other day.  Here it is:

(Click the video to turn sound on.)


3.  “The new head of Yahoo! is really making an effort to turn the Titanic around.”




Within a year of being hired as the new CEO of Yahoo!,  Marissa Mayer has made some really big changes at a remarkable speed.  She revamped flickr into a platform people are excited to use again, released the innovative Yahoo! Weather app,  hired a wealth of talented executives, acquired Tumblr (my favorite blogging platform) for $1.1 billion, and is now in talks to buy Hulu.  She’s made a few questionable moves, but otherwise, she has her pedal to the metal and is determined to make Yahoo part of our “daily habit.”  And, on top of it all, is a new mother!  Sounds like it’s time to buy up some Yahoo! stock (if you ask industry insiders.)

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