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You can mark this town off your wish list: Marfa, TX

May 31st, 2013 9 Comments

Marfa, Texas main streetIf you’re not from Texas, you probably only know about Marfa from the pop-up Prada “shop” that’s “there” to highlight the artsy west Texas town.  If your a Texan, you’ve heard Marfa is like a cool “Santa Fe” where all of the interesting artists live and should be on a to-do list of local getaways.  That’s what inspired my girlfriends and I to make the trek.

After my short stay, I’d like to take this blog post to set the record straight:  there is nothing to see, eat, or do, in the town.  The artists that go there must hull up in their little commune and not emerge until they’re ready to sell their stuff in the big city.

The run-down town is built around a highway with only one other main street and two decent restaurants, neither of which you can get a reservation at.

Thunderbird Inn Marfa Texas

We were excited to stay at the famed Thunderbird Inn because we are all huge fans of The Hotel St. Cecilia in Austin (read my review here).  But it proved to be just like any other motel, with the exception that the service was far from friendly.

Art in Marfa

I think this car says it all.  Is Marfa:  Artsty? Kinda. Cute: Not so much?  Overall, none of us were impressed, especially after the 9 hour drive it takes to get there from Houston!

Now, do you see where I’m coming from.  Marfa just ain’t worth it y’all.


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  • KS

    Poor city…. now their economy will be completely ruined!

  • LMS

    I am always blown away that people will go visit a town that is only 1.6 square miles with a population of less then 2000 people and then get angry when they can’t find a place to eat, or a 5 star hotel with room service. Your first mistake was believing that Marfa is only filled with artists. Yes, you are right. We were all chilling at our giant commune smoking out of a hookah, and creating shitty art. Sorry you missed the real party.

    • Me too!

      We knew it would be low key.

      But it’s now obvious it’s not a place to visit, but a place to live.

      I’m sure if we hung out with locals it would have been a blast!

  • rej

    I was in Marfa for a wedding three years ago and thought it was a nice, little place. We had good food at the Blue Javelina, we enjoyed the art http://www.juddfoundation.org/marfa, and we were perplexed by the Mystery Lights. We were shown around by locals, so perhaps my perspective is skewed by that, but it really was a neat place to visit. It’s too bad that you could not find its charm.

  • L. Marge

    You are so completely wrong about Marfa, it’s almost too pathetic to comment.

  • Lauren

    You’re obviously used to a more face paced lifestyle and Marfa is far from that. It’s not a place where you go to be entertained night and day, it’s a get away to get back to the simplicity of things. Shame that you couldn’t appreciate Marfa for what it is, and it appears your expectations for it were skewed.

    • I love nothing more than to escape the city.

      We couldn’t find a place to sit and relax.

      You’re right in that my expectations were skewed. We heard it was approachable for visitors. But we found quite the opposite: difficult to navigate and no where to go.