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A Secret to my beach hair

June 4th, 2013 4 Comments



My friend, who shall remain nameless, who occasionally visits those crazy reblogging sites, tells me my nickname has become “MMBH” which stands for Mare Mare Beach Hair.  First of all, that’s hysterical. I think it stems from my days living in Playa del Carmen with this particular friend and posting pics where I didn’t have a stitch of make up on or any product in my hair.

Tons of you wrote in asking “how do you make your hair wavy like that?”  I had a method back then. I never posted it. (Sorry!)

Recently, since I’ve been doing nothing really but spinning, I don’t do my hair or my makeup.  I feel like a ragamuffin (as my mom would say).  So you can understand my surprise when I get consistent compliments on my hair!  I should say, EVERYONE likes my hair better this way.

Well, I don’t!  <<stamp my foot with a pouty face>> I prefer it straight, I feel better when it’s straight, and it’s easier to manage when it’s straight.

That being said, to straighten it is a process and time consuming.  In order to get this wavy look everyone loves….I don’t have to do a THING to it.

The secret I’ll offer you is this: DON’T BRUSH YOUR HAIR after the shower.

Throw it up in a towel to let it dry and then shake it out with your fingers 10 minutes later.  Then you have a wet head until it dries.  The wait can be a little annoying if you’re trying to get out the door, but if you’re not doing anything to it, your hair will just dry on the way.  I always bring a rubber band in case it falls flat so I can just throw it up in a bun or pony tail.

My friend Lily actually has long thick beautiful hair that couldn’t get curly if she tried, but she refuses to brush it an so she  has this nice little wave going on.

You can try a light gel product to scrunch into it.  Just make sure the weight of the product it’s heavy because it will pull your hair flat.  I’m going to look into a few other kinds of products and I’ll report back.

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  • It’s all about what you’re comfortable with but your hair looks gorgeous this way

    I have this method down! Simply because I hate straightening my hair. I love the end result but it takes two hours. Two hours for my hairdresser to get it just right (it takes me maybe an hour and a half because I’m not as meticulous and don’t mind a few kinks).

    When I’m out of the shower, I just shake out my hair and pull it back into a loose messy bun because brushing it can be a huge hassle.

    I hate washing my hair everyday which is fine if I’m at home for the day, but when I’m in college my day is pretty much the college and then the gym in the evening so I’d be having my shower then too. I usually wash my hair every second day. Do you have any alternatives if you go to the gym but veto washing your hair?


  • Heather

    How funny, I’ve been doing this to my stick-straight hair recently because of laziness! I’ll leave it in the towel while getting ready then let it out, let it dry for awhile, then throw it in a high bun to finish drying, then that night I take the bun out and have insane, fluffy, wavy hair. This is a great tip, for real.

    P.S. Yes please do let us know if you find a light product to add oomf to this look, so far I haven’t had any luck.

    • Oh, you can only do the bun AFTER it’s dry. I learned that the hard way too!

  • KevC

    I know I prefer the naturally wavy/curly look to artificially straightened.