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LA locals will laugh at NYC’s new burger joint

June 6th, 2013 5 Comments

Fat Burger New York on Eater



When I saw on Eater that Fat Burger is opening in New York, I actually laughed out loud.  Where do I start with this mess:

First of all, restaurant concepts and brands should generally move East to West.  Especially chains.  Even when they do move from NYC to LA, I find the West Coast outpost to be far inferior to its NYC parent (STK, BLT, Fig &  Olive, there are others…). Northern California cuisine is another ball game, but I can’t think of any SF restos that have come to NYC. (Chefs obviously excluded – they’re smart enough to start something new in NYC!)

While I will admit to downing my fair share of Fat Burgers, that hasn’t been since college when it was the ONLY boutique burger joint in town.  Now there are a handful to choose from that blow a Fat Burger off the griddle!

BUT! We must consider the location they chose: Murray Hill. Due to its affordable doorman buildings, I finished my 3 year NYC stint on 30th and 3rd.  Now, when I go back to my favorite mani/pedi lady, I’ve found the midtown east hood has grown up since it’s “Curry Hill” days when it was the playground for B ‘n T (Jersey kids driving into the city to party). My goodness does that crowd love a new concept and chowing down late night.   Otherwise, new finance twenty-somethings are the locals and tend to need some serious hangover grub.  So, my thought is, the people probably haven’t changed that much and Fat Burger will be a huge hit.  Extra bottom line bonus if they deliver.

For those of you with a discerning burger palate – I hope that’s all of you – hear me when I tell you: NOT WORTH IT!


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  • It’s hangover grub only if they have black and white milkshakes. Then you don’t care what anything tastes like.

  • Lilly Melin

    You know, Mission Chinese Food moved from SF to open an outpost in NYC :)

    • Amber Gregory

      Yep, that’s what I was going to say.