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Travel Tip #98: The Roadie

June 7th, 2013 1 Comment

Wine for airplane

Nine times out of ten, the wine they serve on airplanes (especially in coach) tastes like rubbing alcohol and gives you a headache after only one little bottle.  Can you tweet #notworthit?

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a nice glass of wine on a flight with your US Weekly or Rom Com on demand? A sweet sauvignon blanc where you can taste the honeysuckle or a robust cabernet with soft tannins.  That’s more like it!

Since you’re not going to find that on the plane and you can’t pack your own bottle, we have to get creative. Thankfully airports are going to great lengths to renovate their food and beverage offerings in the terminals.  I’m sure you’ve seen a few wine bars popping up amongst them.

My instagram photo gives away where I’m going with this, but getting a wine (or cocktail) roadie isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Technically, bartenders aren’t supposed to let you take alcohol off of their premises.  Most in Texas could care less, but I’ve found in other cities, they are a little more particular.  My tip: sit down at the bar, order a glass, be-friend the bartender, and then politely ask if you can have one to go in a paper coffee cup.  If they don’t serve coffee, you might have to hop over to the Starbucks next door, but when you’re popping off the lid at 30k feet, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

Don’t forget to look your bartender in the eye and give him/her a very sincere “thank you” as you push over the signed check with a generous tip.  Think of it as paying it forward to the next reader who will want the same favor :)

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  • wino

    Why encourage people to break the law and bartenders to loose their jobs? It is illegal to consume ANY booze not served by a flight attendant on a flight. The airline and you can get huge fines. Also, most airports do not allow open containers where ever. Do you really need to get your drink on that badly?