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New Workout Playlists

June 10th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin on SoundCloud

In training, we’ve been making playlists like mad men, now we’re finally putting them to the test. I’ve taught two classes and they both went well!

The problem is that some most of the remixes aren’t available in iTunes or on Rdio. Some came from Soul peeps, most came from HOURS of searching on SoundCloud. The best thing to do is GO HERE to see what I “like” and download from SoundCloud -most of the tracks you can download for free. As for the awesome Taylor Swift remix, that’s from YouTube and converted to MP3 by the MediaHuman app.

In other words, getting this stuff ain’t easy. So, if you see something you want and can’t find, just email me and I’ll shoot it your way.

If you’re on Rdio, I drop a lot of music I consider in this playlist you can follow. Subscribe to it and you’ll have a growing workout mix!

Alright, rock out and get those bodies bikini ready (you know the thought has crossed your mind more than once! Time to make it happen.)


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