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How far will you travel to exercise?

June 24th, 2013 No Comments
Mary Rambin Colin Kim Equinox Crew 2007

Equinox WeHo crew 2007


As I’ve said before, for me, SoulCycle isn’t enough of a workout to “stay in shape.”  Don’t get me wrong, the two and half month boot camp was physically fulfilling and killer (more than enough) for me.  In a regular workout regimen, SoulCycle 3-4 times a week is amazing if you can do it, but I still need more: yoga and heavy weights at least one time a week each.

Thankfully in LA, I can find both in an Equinox.  The weight areas are clean, the group fitness is ridiculously challenging, and the yoga is sublime. The question for me remains: which location do I join?  The one in Santa Monica near my house OR the WeHo location where I’ve been going to for a decade with all of my friends.

Our spinning crew (above) was a cult that followed Stacey, Colin, and Keith to the beat of the music BEFORE SoulCycle ever started. Kristin’s yoga class, which our group also continues to love, is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Her guidance has developed my practice, pushed my personal boundaries, and taken me to physical and mental places I never thought I would reach.  Can you say that about many yoga classes??

My little WeHo Equinox has exploded to be quite a scene, but I still love it. Plus, the more hard bodies in eyesight, the harder I work.

The commute to WeHo is 20 minutes, without traffic.

So, I’m going to give it a shot twice a week.  I can do that because I work for myself.  But I know others with very demanding jobs (Andy, that’s you!) that travel quite a distance to exercise.

If you love a particular workout, if you know there is nothing else like it, do you make the journey?  How far is that?  For you.  Is 10 minutes “far?” or do you need the gym to be within walking distance?  Will you make an effort for a studio you love?

As I’ve always said,  a good workout is more than just physical.  No matter what it is, you’ll have to pay in terms of money, time, and effort to do it.  Only you can assess the return.  And if the ROI is big, I bet you’ll make the trip.

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