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10 reasons you (yes, you!) will like playing golf

August 19th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin Playing Golf Grand Del Mar

Stop shaking your head at me and just read for a second. If you’ve been with me for a while you’ve watched me fall in love with golf, and I think you might consider picking up a club and taking a lesson.

I’m not going to BS you and tell you I was drawn to the golf course by the thrill of the game.  All I hear from my guy friends is how poorly they play and how shocked (and proud) they are they can finish 18 holes after shotgunning beers at 8am.  Woohoo!  More like booooo.

My whole family plays golf and is actually really good at the game. We have belonged to a country club in Houston since before I was born. My grandfather was a member at Augusta National.  Yet still, no golf for me.

So….I finally learned the game for the love of my man.  SHOCKER!  I actually took lessons before our trip to Pelican Hill and surprised him with my skills. My ex-boyfriend is an avid golfer and I thought, “If I’m going to be with this man forever, golf would be a fun thing for us to do together.”  I mean, I moved to Atlanta so golf was a drop in the bucket.

Now, years later, I’m so glad I understand the fundamentals, enjoy a game here and there, and even love watching golf.  Once you know how hard the game is, watching the pros place the ball is almost like a magic trick. I digress.

The Grand Del Mar Golf Course

10 reasons you’ll LOVE playing golf:

  1. Social: Playing with friends is fun. Once you say you play, you’ll be surprised how many of your girlfriends do too. It’s a great activity for couples!
  2. Escape: The courses are beautiful.  You’re outside, enjoying nature, with your friends, and without your phone (they’re not allowed).
  3. Challenge: Each shot presents a different challenge.  You have to know the yardage, which club to use, and how to hit it right.
  4. Sweatless: By this I mean cardio-less.  It’s a challenge without being physically demanding. But, if it’s hot enough, you’ll sweat just standing there.
  5. Satisfaction: When you hit the ball and it goes flying off into the distance, you feel like a champ. It’s rare, but totally worth it.
  6. Therapy: The game is so disconnected from normal activities. You have hours to talk about things that usually don’t get into the conversation.
  7. Career: On the other hand, you can establish solid bonds with your co-workers, bosses, and people in your industry.
  8. Age:  You can play the game when your hair is blue.  And by that point, you’ll be really good at it!
  9. Lessons: I really enjoyed taking the lessons and learning something new.  Taking the hour in my day to do something for myself that was fun, hard, and I didn’t leave sweating was refreshing.
  10. Outfits: Silly, but true. I wear Nike tennis skirts and Nike sleeveless golf shirts.  Apparently only in blue, white, and black. I think pink is a bit much.

Recently I played The Grand Del Mar course, just north of San Diego. The whole resort is absolutely beautiful (video tour coming soon).  Designed by Tom Fazio, the course offers a true challenge.  I went through three boxes of balls in 18 holes.  No joke.  Our caddy Sean helped my game, so it could have been 4 boxes. In this video, Sean shows me how to properly fix a ball mark on the green.  It’s an ettiquete play and important to know.


(Photos taken at The Grand Del Mar while I hacked up the course.  Full disclosure: round of golf was comped during our weekend stay. Thanks to the course and Sean for hosting us!)

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