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Miracle Moisture Spray: It’s A 10

August 20th, 2013 No Comments



First of all, meet Max (@liolind on Instagram), the young little beauty I entrusted to do my highlights in LA.  Raphael Portet (my stylist for 5 years now who specializes in blonde) is thousands of miles away in NYC and Houston.  You know it can be exciting but also SOOO nerve racking to go to someone new, especially when color is involved.  But when I saw how meticulous Max was with other clients, my fears subsided and I gladly put my hair in her hands.  She did an AMAZING job; my highlights are truly flawless.  If you’re in LA, you can find Max at The Local Salon in North Hollywood.

Before she blew dry my hair, she spritzed it with It’s a 10 5  Minute Hair Repair for Blondes.



This stuff is truly magical and made my hair feel like a baby’s.

Recently publicists have been sending me a lot of moisturizing products: that new Macadamia nut line, revamped Mane & Tail, Morcoccan Oil, etc.  I’ve been trying them out but nothing really blew me away like this spray.

It’s a 10 makes a whole line of products for different types of hair and needs.  You can find it in the drug store or buy it online (reduced prices at Walgreens and Amazon).  You’ll raise your eyebrows at the price, especially if you see it at CVS, but know it will last a long time.

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