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Look as hard as you want. No panty lines here! + BIG GIVEAWAY

September 17th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin no panty lines Shibue

I’ve been posting these no-panty-line pics for a while now and throwing out the name Shibue. The Shibue strapless panty is hands down the most comfortable strapless anything I’ve ever worn.  Some of you have written to me asking where and how you can get them.  Now you can win them!!!

Mary Rambin in Shibue Couture and Ralph Lauren

I cannot stand VPL so I usually go commando when the dress demands it.  But in all honesty, I don’t like not wearing underwear.  When I bought this silk, bias-cut Ralph Lauren dress for a wedding, commando was my plan.  But thankfully, I met Jenny Bruettner, the founder of Shibue Couture and inventor of the world’s FIRST strapless panties, at NYFW a few weeks before I had to wear it.

I loved the Shibue so much I had all the girls at the wedding feeling my tailbone so they could understand how cool the Shibue is!

Strapless Panties by Shibue Couture

On each end of the super soft nylon strip are silicone adhesives that gently secure the panty to your skin and stay put until you peel it off.  By adhesive, I don’t mean harsh tape or sticky goo.  I mean some sort of magic thin strip that somehow doesn’t really feel sticky at all.  And it holds!  Wait, wait, there’s more.  The thong itself is actually MORE comfortable than my Hanky Pankies.  If you wanted to, you could wear the Shibue everyday because it’s washable and reusable!

As my mom would say, “It’s the best invention since sliced bread.”

Shibue Couture Jenny Buettner

Jenny and I spent about an hour chatting about her invention, and the business as a whole at Fashion Week.  You know I love to be in the company of successful female entrepreneurs and support their endeavors.   (Speaking of, Missi Wolf I miss you deserpately.)  Considering cutting-edge designers like Alexander Wang and bikini clad celebs like Kate Upton are promoting her product, she might not need our help, but I believe every bit of PR counts!

I’ve contacted Tootsies to get Shibue into their stores.  Their buyer had actually already heard about Shibue and was excited to receive samples. Now it’s your turn to spread the word and refer Jenny and Shibue to your favorite local boutique!

The Giveaway

For each Shibue referral you give to a boutique via facebook, twitter, pinterest, or instagram –  you will be entered to win a panty (or you could say a Shibue Couture product of your choice) of your size and color.   I will draw SIX winners to award your efforts. 

YOUR PRIZE: A Shibue panty in your size!

Should your suggested boutique buy Shibue strapless panties for their inventory, Jenny Beutner will send you a free panty no matter what!

Your post should say something like:

@StoreILove – Have you seen @ShibueCouture STRAPLESS panty – It’s genius!! Found it @MaryRambin blog. I want one! http://ow.ly/oWKNP 

How will I know you’ve done so?  You MUST tag @ShibueCouture AND @MaryRambin so I can keep track.  On facebook, make sure the tag registers.  Feel free to use any of the pictures above; photos catch attention!  If you prefer to email, I understand, just cc or forward me the email you send. Mary@MoreThanMary.com.

DEADLINE: September 23 – 11:59pm EST.

The panty isn’t expensive, but this is a simple thing you can do to get them for free and support an amazing woman!


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