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Alert! Did you get the memo re: cloud coverage?

October 9th, 2013 No Comments

Dropbox image


Last week Apple decided to revoke the 25 GB of free iCloud storage space they provided when they switched from MobileMe to iCloud. At the time I thought “What a nice gesture, but I don’t need it.” I was already locked in with DropBox, the cloud storage service that houses all of my documents and syncs to all of my devices beautifully. It also uploads my Camera Roll Photos automatically so they are safe and easily accessible when I erase them from my iPhone. For this service I pay $100 a year for 114GB of space. Why make a switch?

When Apple took back their precious space, they only left me with 5GB of space…to hold 17GB of information! When I didn’t purchase the extra space in time, THEY TURNED OFF MY EMAIL!

Quick breakdown of how this happened: I have been using MobileMe as my personal email from day 1. I now have 10GB worth of email saved! Most of it isn’t junk. Tons of pictures, but no real junk.  Junk gets sent to my work ibox that gets bombarded daily anyway. (Thankfully Gmail is unlimited!) After deleting a whole year of emails in one click and hundreds more by hand, I was still short a few GBs. So, I went ahead and bought 10GB more space for $20/year until I can do more purging.

But that sucks, right? Two different clouds that do the same thing.

I’m telling you this story as a warning. We need to know where we store our stuff. This isn’t brown-box-marked-with-a-sharpie days anymore.

iCloud is where the backups for our devices are stored so it’s important there is ample space to do so. Then you can decide where to store documents and photos: DropBox or iCloud.

For iPhone/iCloud users, check your storage by going into Settings on your phone. Scroll to iCloud. Click on Storage & Backup at the bottom. Then you’ll see how much storage you use.

Here’s my current situation AFER buying extra storage AND cleaning my mailbox. Ugh. And my email still doesn’t work. So I’m too the Apple store ASAP.



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