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More than a sports bra

November 4th, 2013 No Comments



How cool is this sports bra? It’s function might jump out at you, so I’ll tell you why I like.  When I lift weights or jog, I put my iPhone under the strap of my sports bra.  Not a good idea for so two reasons: falling on the ground and sweating into the speaker.  I’ve cracked several and actually broke the speaker once.

This Colosseum sports bra solves my problem!

I can’t seem to find it online for you to buy, but you could always call a store and order it.  I know Luke’s Locker in Houston would do that for you.

Otherwise I’ve noticed sports bras getting a little more stylish and even sexy in their cuts.  Check out these from Onzie.

Onzie sports bra 1 Onzie sports bra 2

Onzie sports bra 3


I actually have the top one in a different fabric.  It offers enough support and is super cute under tanks with no back (My fave way to cut up my SC tees.)

Browse the Onzie selection here.


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