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Get rid of the guilt before you chow down

November 25th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin tummy

Thinking about Thanksgiving, we all get concerned with the consequences of the feast.  Where will those extra calories will end up? As much as I wish my backside received the benefit of the extra inches, alas it’s my midsection, pictured above as I type this post.

However, I have a safety net for such occasions.  Since I exercise often, my metabolism can handle a big cheat day like Thanksgiving.  (These days, I’ve put it to the test on more than one occasion for Sunday brunch at Gjelina.)

Is your body prepared and trained for the big day, or should I say, the holiday season?

Exercise revs up your metabolism for 24 hours. So before your body is charged with dealing with turkey, gravy, stuffing, pies, and whatever else is part of your tradition, shift it into overdrive.

Some of you have the luxury of your gym, SoulCycle, or your favorite studio near by.  Others of you don’t.

If you’re in a major city, click here and find a group fitness class near you.

If you’re in the boonies while visiting family, click here and get a workout you can do anywhere.

Start ASAP and then eat to your tummy’s content!

Since you’ve started exercising, you might as well keep it up through the holiday season. Right?! :)

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