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Don’t sacrifice your workout time for holiday parties.

December 2nd, 2013 No Comments


Last week I talked about the benefits of working out during the holiday season, but I neglected to address one of the main excuses we give ourselves to skip the gym. “I don’t have time!”

When you’re social schedule kicks into high gear and you’re strapped for the extra hour, try exercising at home.  Besides gaining the extra time in the day  your body will have more energy for socializing and a revved up metabolism for burring off the hors d’oeuvrs and champagne.

My girlfriend JJ has gotten herself into a daily Temescal hike coupled with free weights or yoga AT HOME.  I give the girl serious props (is that still ok to say?) for finding motivation to exercise on her own and sticking to it! Looks like her yoga practice is pretty solid:

JJ Klein doing yoga


For some of us, me included, working out at home sounds almost impossible.  I’ve compiled a list of tools here to help you get started.

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