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Pick the perfect holiday dress: be seductive without being too sexy

December 3rd, 2013 No Comments

So you’ve been invited to office parties , family dinners, charity events, the list goes on for the holidays.  Now  you need to find something that will be suitable across the board.  I believe the key to a dress that’s appropriate for all occasions is one that bares ONLY one area.  Pick your money spot and dress around it!  Below you’ll find some red carpet examples, but the rule applies to more casual dresses and 2 piece combos as well.  Follow it or…

Kendall Jenner 2013

Look like Kendall Jenner.  I’m sure your boss’ wife will love that!


If you have bigger boobs, I will tell you to stay away from a plugging neckline.  Cleavage is too obvious of a play and a little bit overboard for most formal holiday functions. Plus you get to use it all throughout the year. Because you have size on your side, you can wear something with a high neck and let the shape speak for itself.

Taylor shows off her figure in this Herve Leroux dress without showing any skin.

If you’re on the smaller size, go for a lower neck, but with modesty.



Not to be mistaken for a halter (which is not on trend), the inverted neckline of this Stella McCartney dress makes it look stylish instead of prudish.


So, Paula Patton doesn’t this Versace dress justice, in my opinion.  But you see where I’m going with this.


Everything is covered except for Elizabeth Banks’ beautiful back in this Bill Blass dress.  The color is helpful as well, but even a black sequined dress would have been stunning.


If you have no interest in showing off anything, I get it.  I feel that way a lot.  So, if that’s the case, let your accessories shine!  (Just please don’t match them perfectly like Eve).

Need some help putting the outfit together?  

CLICK HERE for my video checklist to help you get dressed up without getting stressed out!

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