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“This is how strong people start their year.”

January 6th, 2014 No Comments

@BiteSizeArtist SOULCYCLE


I have two riders Nicole (above) and Amanda who rock out with me several mornings at 7am.  Before they can even wipe of their sweat, they’ll insta-everything and say “This is how strong people start their day.”  Words they hear from me and make it a reality for themselves. Way to go ladies.

In the past I’ve proclaimed (yes, proclaimed) how I don’t do resolutions because I believe each day I should try to improve myself, grow stronger in some way, allow  change, etc.  But this year, I actually feel like I need to set a fitness goals for myself. It’s too easy to just teach 10 classes a week.  Seriously, it is.  I really feel like now that body is comfortable with that, it wants a new challenge.  So here’s how I feel strong starting out this new year.  I will:

  1. Wear my heart rate monitor.  It’s the smartest thing I can do and will help guide me through my workouts.
  2. Lift weights one day a week.  This is to build strength.  My muscles have endurance by riding, but they aren’t getting stronger BECAUSE I take it easy so I can teach all week long.
  3. Yoga 2 days a week.  I don’t want to get back to where my muscles are so tight they ache.  That’s how I felt before I left for vacation.
  4. Boxing one day a week.  First of all, it’s fun and I miss it.  Also, the activity is a great way to push my heart rate to its limit.  Again, SOULCYCLE will do that, but I can’t push myself to exhaustion when I have to talk.

Ambitious, but I’m going to give it a shot!

Now your turn.  Go ahead, don’t be afraid of what you want. I believe most people fear change in some way, even if they want it.  As I always tell my riders, the only thing holding you back…..is you.

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