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February 11th, 2014 No Comments



With NYFW going on right now, we’re reminded fashion is important.  We really need to subscribe to these “new” trends.  If you watch the shows, you’re given a heads up as to what’s coming so you can even plan your attack of the racks ahead of time.

Living in LA, I care less and less to the concept of fashion.  I wear what I love.  Because it feels good, it looks good.  My personal style evolves with what I absorb, not what I research (like it used to back in my NYFW days.)  It’s so liberating!

Ironically, the idea that street style, not runway glam, wins on the street is a trend in itself.

My sister is case and point.  Please don’t get me wrong, she’s exemplary of so many trends.  The notable part is how she makes them her own.

For the Kreation photo shoot (some pics above), I wanted to portray Venice culture: a SoCal hipster vibe.  Leven asked me, “What do you want me to wear?”  My response, “Anything you want.  You always look so cute.”  knowing full well her personal style would be beyond anything I could conjure up.  This is how she arrived.  Nothing appears to match, but it does.  Each accessory catches you eye and holds your attention.  Down to the writing on her shirt and rhinestones on her jacket….PERFECTION. Casual, glam, funky, and unique.  Trendy? Who knows or who cares.  She looks and feels fabulous!

So this post has nothing to do with what you should wear or how to spice up your wardrobe. My friend January wears 4 colors: black, white, gray, and beige.  Nothing spectacular about the pallet.  What’s stunning is how she wears it.  Every outfit, even her workout gear, looks chic.  She loves it and therefore so do you.

Subscribe to your style.  Push it in different directions.  See what you love, know what you hate, and let your clothes make you feel good.

(Photos by Kelly Fajak)

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