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“You have to know your own strength before you can use it.”

April 16th, 2014 No Comments

Mary Rambin driving 2013

This is what I’ve been working on with my riders.  Knowing you are “strong,” knowing you can walk, talk, breath is one thing.  But when life tests you, do you know HOW STRONG you are.  Just like with anything else if you’re not tested, you’ll never know how good you are.  So we train ourselves in the safety of the room, with the support of the bike, with faith that we can overcome things out of love.  At that moment, we push our limits.  Then when life gets ugly, we don’t freak out, we breath, we plan, then we attack it head on with confidence because we KNOW we will make it through.

That’s why I’m smiling in the picture…in the midst of total devastation, I was confident I would make it and find a life that I loved.

Knowing my own strength was a realization and it didn’t come to me until last year.  When I was tested as an adult.  I shared the story with SOULCYCLE for their blog.

Mary Rambin SOULCYCLE blog post on strength


The whole story is pretty interesting.  I called it, “The Journey Back To Me.”

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