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This year’s swimsuit can be a safe and even sexy place to hide.

June 3rd, 2014 No Comments

Celebrities in one piece bathing suits

I wore a shirt today in my SoulCycle class that said, “I eat cake for breakfast.”  If I took that shirt off, by the looks of my tummy at the moment, you would believe that’s true!

Thankfully, me and my love handles can hide out his summer in a one-piece.  It only took 3 years of celebs strutting around in them to overturn the soccer-mom stigma and resurface as a suitable. Bad pun interned. (Quick side note: I applaud moms for dressing on the conservative side around children.)

Since one-pieces are now trendy, I figured it would be easy to find a few sexy styles.  Such is not the case!  My favorite retailers either only have a couple cutes ones to choose from, a big selection of “slimming” and full coverage styles, or the side cut-outs.

Can we talk about this for a second?  What is the point of a one piece suit without any sides?  If you’re going for exposure, why not wear a bikini and save yourself the ridiculous tan lines?

Enough of that.  Here are the one pieces I found online.  My suggestion would be to go shop the mall if you want a big selection.

One pièce bandeau bathing suit by Vix

Vix $194

Minkoh one piece bathing suit

Minkoh on Shop Intermix $205

Marc by Marc Jacobs one piece bathing suit

Marc by Marc Jacobs $160 – Sold Out on ShopBop

In White on Bloomingdales ON SALE $96

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