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August 27th, 2014 No Comments

Mary Rambin Summmer 2014


Literally.  Haha.

I took this picture on my vacation that JUST ended.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the pics from NYC and Montauk.  What a magical trip.

Usually, when you come home from vacation, you’re exhausted and discouraged to get back to the grind.  For me, thankfully, neither are true.  My body is totally refreshed, and I could not be more excited to work on my new venture!

So, in this case, I’m firing on all cylinders to get the plan done for the business and secure the funding.

I’ll be back on the blog after Labor Day.  As I always say when I leave, there is 6 years worth of fitness, fashion, recipes, travel guides, etc for you if you need some guidance.  And of course, you’re always welcome to send me questions directly at Mary@MoreThanMary.com.

Have a wonderful holiday!


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