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One of our all-time favorite bands drops a new album

September 3rd, 2014 No Comments

Just when I thought “Los Angeles” would be my last love note from Adam Duritz, Counting Crows resurfaces with a new album!

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Duritz said he “wanted to make a record-record, something digestible…more imaginable.”  That got me a little scared until I heard the songs themselves.  Thankfully, they’re totally analogous to our favorites from the past!

  • Earthquake driver –> Hanging Around
  • God of Ocean Tides –> Perfect Blue Buildings
  • Scarecrow –> Anna Begins
  • Cover Up The Sun –> Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby
  • Possible Days –> Sullivan Street

It’s his voice and writing style.  But we love it, so if it ain’t broke….

I’m not saying this will be my new favorite album, but I look forward to listening to it cover to cover on Rdio.

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